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Inflatables Bundle Sale

A variety of inflatables bundle at attractive price that are ideal for kindergartens, nurseries, and kids' playgrounds have been carefully chosen by us and created.

12ft Inflatable Soccer Dartboard

Our 12-foot inflatable football dartboard serves two purposes: it encourages vigorous play and enhances kids' focus and attention span. We have chosen inflatable footballs that are safe for kids in order to guarantee their safety.

Indoor and Outdoor Use Bounce Castles

Our bounce castles are adaptable and suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. Children can jump cheerfully even in light rain thanks to the protective canopy that comes with the 13-foot Bounce House Castle. We have a small 10 foot bounce castle available for inside use, which is ideal for active play in constrained settings.

20ft Bounce House with Water Slide

For year-round play, our impressive 20-foot Bounce House with Water Slide combi is a dual-purpose wonder, featuring a tiny water slide and pool at the front and an obstacle course bounce house with climbing ladders and a play area at the back. Kids will have nonstop laughing and adventure games every day with this bounce house!

bouncinlife 10FT Mini White Bounce House Castle
mini bouncy house

10FT Mini White Bounce House Castle


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20ft water slide
20ft water slide
Save $539.01

20FT Jungle Inflatable Water Slide Bouncy House Combi

Regular price $1,699.00 $1,159.99 32% off

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white bouncy house with roof
Save $500.00

Bouncinlife 13ft White Bounce House with Roof White Bouncy Castle Backyard

Regular price $1,699.99 $1,199.99 29% off

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