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How Much Does A Bounce House Cost? Buying or Renting?

Inflatable bounce houses are a colorful and exciting addition to your kid's birthday party or summer get-together. They come in various sizes, themes, and designs to fulfill any child's wildest dreams. Some might rent a bounce house for their specialty events, whereas others might buy one. Both have their benefits. So, which one is better for you?

To make things easier for you, we will go over the factors that will influence your decision. So, let’s first find out: how much does a bounce house cost?

How Much Does A Bounce House Cost When Buying One?

Buying a bounce house for your home is beneficial, but before we discuss that, let's go over its cost.

  1. Price Range

How much does a bounce house cost? The typical cost for a residential bounce house can be anywhere from $250 to $600, whereas commercial bounce houses can cost you up to $3000. The price for your bounce house will depend on various factors, most importantly, size and styling.

Not all bounce houses are built the same way. Larger bounce houses with creative themes will ultimately cost you more. For example, an inflatable bounce house with slide can cost more than one without a slide.

Quality materials also matter. Inflatable bounce houses that utilize high-quality ones, like the puncture-resistant PVC with a 0.35 mm or higher thickness, can cost a little more. At Bouncinlife, we use sturdy PVC with a minimum thickness of 0.4 mm.

What Other Factors Impact Price?

Other notable factors that will impact price include the brand you purchase from and the quality of their products. Brands with in-house factories, like Bouncinlife, tend to have robust quality assurance measures and are also more reliable. You can bypass intermediaries and purchase directly from their factory outlet, saving costs.

  1. Advantages of Buying A Bounce House

Now that you have a general idea about how much a bounce house costs when buying one, let's discuss its advantages.

  • Flexibility of Long-Term Use

The most significant advantage of having a personal bounce house is that you and your family members, especially the young ones, can experience joy whenever you want. What better way to keep your children engaged in your backyard? You can provide them with precious childhood memories of happiness.

  • Resale Value

You may not think of reselling your bounce house, but you will be surprised by the resale value they tend to offer. If you keep your bounce house in good condition, and it is indeed a durable one, you will get a nice resale value.

  • Possibility for Customized Choices

If you buy an inflatable bounce house directly from a manufacturer, there could be options to customize your unique bounce castle. Be it a small white bounce house or a big pink bounce house, you can make your own choices!  

How Much Does A Bounce House Cost When Renting One?

If you rent a bounce house, the pricing model will differ considerably depending on the brand you choose. Here is a rough breakdown of what to expect.

  1. Price Range

The price range regarding the bounce house rental service will depend on the provider and how long you plan on renting. Here is a summary of estimated prices on how much to rent a bounce house:  

○ Medieval Bouncy Castle 16 ft: $100 per day

○ Wavy Water Slide 24ft: $135 per day

○ Double Water Slide 20 ft: $150 per day

○ White Bouncy House with Slide 15 ft: $125 per day

Additional Services

Some service providers will offer additional services to ease your rental experience, such as installation, dismantling, or transportation services. These can add to your overall rental costs.

  1. Advantages of Renting A Bounce House

In some cases, renting out a bounce house is better than purchasing one:

  • Ability to Choose Different Sizes and Themes Based on Event Needs

When renting a bounce house, you can enjoy different themes and sizes handpicked according to your event needs.

  • No Need for Long-Term Storage and Maintenance

When you purchase a bounce house, you will also have to handle the storage and upkeep requirements. This is not the case with rental services, which do the job for you. But note that if any damage occurs while using a rented bounce house, you are responsible for the compensation.


Should You Rent or Purchase A Bounce House?

Now that you know how much a bounce house costs, should you buy it or rent it? Renting or purchasing a bounce house comes down to your particular needs. Sit down and think of the following:

  1. Budget Considerations

The first thing to consider is your own budget. Can you accommodate the costs associated with a permanent purchase? You may set aside a sum for maintenance, as well. Rental services are somewhat more affordable in the short term but may not be sustainable in the long run. This brings us to our next point.

  1. Frequency of Use

How often do you plan on using your bounce house? If far and few in between, renting a bounce house makes more sense. But if you use it every few weeks or months, making a purchase is preferred.

  1. Storage and Maintenance

Do you have the necessary storage space needed to store these bounce houses? Moreover, can you keep up with regular maintenance? If so, purchasing a bounce house is a good choice.

  1. Personalization Needs

If you have specific personal needs, like a plain white inflatable bounce house with the initials of you and your loved one’s names, you may need to buy a custom one. In most cases, it’s better if you are okay with in-stock models, as a customized bounce house typically comes with longer lead times and potentially lower warranty coverage.  


Bouncinlife, The Leading Bounce House Suppliers

Hope that you have a comprehensive understanding of the question: “How much does a bounce house cost?”. If you want to buy one, you can find the best bounce house at Bouncinlife.

Bouncinlife is one of the leading manufacturers of inflatable bounce houses with over 10 years of experience. As a seasoned expert in our domain, we offer the most diverse and creative range of bounce houses that are worth your investment. Reach out to learn more about our bounce houses!


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